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What was the nickname of Mid-South wrestler Buzz Sawyer?
What wrestler did Junkyard Dog defeat in the main event of the first Saturday Night's Main Event?
Who was the second wrestler to win the WWF Tag Team Championship with Mr. Fuji?
Who was the first wrestler eliminated from the Enforcers Team captained by Big Boss Man at Survivor Series 1989?
Who was the fourth wrestler to hold the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship?
What wrestler, known for his tenure in Mid-South Wrestling, was also known as 'Mad Dog'?
Which wrestler, from Jacksonville, Florida, was ranked 161st on the PWI 500 in 2006?
Who did Pete Doherty lose to in a SNME main event?
Who was the captain of the team Bad News Brown was a part of at Survivor Series 1989?
What US city was Elijah Burke billed from during his time in the WWE?
In the WWF, what wrestler did Mr. Saito commonly team with?
What promotion did 'Mad Dog' Buzz Sawyer wrestle for in the mid-1980s?
What was the only championship Essa Rios held in the WWF?
What was Elijah Burke's rank in the 2006 PWI 500?
What event featured a main event of Junkyard Dog vs. Pete Doherty?

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