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Can you name the answers to the questions about Dusty Rhodes?

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Birth name?
Most famous nickname?
State born in?
Oldest sons name?
Youngest sons name?
He first rose to fame working a territory in what Southern state?
His name when he occasionally worked under a mask?
In 1977, he had several WWF Title matches against who?
He won his first NWA Title in 1979 from which wrestler?
Rhodes was famous for a bait and switch finish where fans would think a face won the title, only for it to turn out otherwise, what was this nicknamed?
In Jim Crockett Promotions he team with what wrestler as 'America's Team'?
One of his most notable opponents was what legendary four-man stable?
He engaged in a legendary feud with this wrestler, eventually winning the NWA Title from him at Great American Bash 1986.
In 1985 he cut a legendary promo, commonly known as what?
Complete the quote: 'I've wined and dined with kings and queens - but I've slept in alleys and dined on _____.'
At Starrcade 1986 he faced (and lost to) what wrestler in a First Blood match for the TV Title?
Rhodes served as head booker for several promotions, name one.
As booker, he created what gimmick match that involves two teams facing off in a steel cage?
At Starrcade 1987 he faced (and defeated) what wrestler in a steel cage match for the US Title?
In the late '80s, what WWF character was named as a backstage spoof on Rhodes?
His final Starrcade match was in 1988 when he faced what legendary tag team?
In 1989 he debuted for WWF, wearing tights that were covered in what?
What woman was he teamed with?
They faced what duo at WrestleMania VI?
After leaving for WCW in 1991, he served as manager for what WCW Champion?
In the mid-'90s he turned heel and joined what group?
He had a match in ECW, where he faced what former ECW Champion nicknamed the 'King of Old School'?
At Great American Bash 2007 he had his final match, losing to what wrestler in a Texas Bullrope Match?
In 2013 he appeared on WWE several times, in altercations with what woman?
Near the end of his life he was a booker and producer for what WWE developmental territory?

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