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Can you name the trivia about the classic Simpsons episode 'Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire'?

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This is the first episode of the show to air. Previously, shorts aired as part of what TV show?
The episode (and series) opens with the family attending a Christmas show. A choir of children sing the carol 'O Little Town of _____'.
Lisa dresses as the 'Santa Claus of the South Seas' and juggles what?
Next, the fourth graders sing 'Jingle Bells'. What character (predicatbly) sings the wrong lyrics?
'Maggie is walking by herself. Lisa got straight A's. And Bart... Well, we _____ Bart.'
In her Christmas letter, Marge reveals that what character died during the previous year?
The children write their Christmas lists. Lisa's list is composed solely of what?
Meanwhile, what does Bart want?
Homer puts up the Christmas lights. Predictably, his are not great. But what character has a brilliant display?
Where does Marge hide the jar that contains the Christmas money?
At work, Homer's Christmas bonus is cancelled by what character?
At the Springfield mall, Bart tries to get a tattoo that says what?
Downtrodden over the lack of money, Homer visists Moe's Tavern, where what character suggests he become a mall Santa?
Bart is dared to yank off Homer's Santa beard by what character?
'I'm Bart Simpson, who the _____ are you?'
Bart tries to convince Homer that a miracle will happen, and cites the miracles that occurred to what TV characters? (name one)
Homer takes Bart to what kind of racing track?
'It doesn't seem possible, but I guess _____ has betrayed me.'
The Simpson family adopts what character?
Over the credits, the family sings what song?

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