Real or fake WWE storyline II

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Can you name the storylines which happened in the WWF/E and which are fake?

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StorylineReal or fake?Involved wrestlers
My boyfriend cheated on me with another man. I'll take 'em both, I'm hardcore!
You hate my mask, so you kidnapped me and tortured me for several weeks.
Americans don't care about the environment. If only they cared like they do in my native Finland.
A beloved wrestler just died. I think I'll say that he's in hell now.
You're against whale hunting and I hate you. I know, I'll finance some whalers!
You edited my wikipedia article and wrote bad things about me.
My pregnant 77-year-old girlfriend gave birth to a hand... What?
For my birthday, you bought me an Acura instead of a Ferrari. I hate Acuras!
You stole my yacht and gave it to the poor.
You made me kiss your foot, giving me tooth problems. Now I'm sending my evil dentist after you!
I asked for a pastrami on rye, not roast beef! You and me, let's fight.
You were supposed to look after my pet goldfish, now he's dead! Let's have a 'loser pretends to be a goldfish' match!
You invaded my house and painted it pink. I hate pink!
We both love the same person. Let's tie her to the top of a pole and the winner gets to marry her.
You, the television writer, tried to name me 'Chilly McFreeze'. You are a bad person, so I'm out for revenge.
You beat me while I was in prison. Now I'm back for revenge.
My husband is addicted to drugs. To scare him straight, I'll take 100 pills. That'll work.
You stole my computer then shot it 17 times.
There is a wrestler who is a mindless savage, and I want to help him. I think I'll teach him how to bowl.
You hypnotized my family, now they are trying to kill me.
StorylineReal or fake?Involved wrestlers
I starred in a movie. Now the actor who played my opponent in said movie wants a match with me.
You defeated my hero, now he has to hide in a trailer park dressed in drag. I must find him and help restore him to his former glory.
I was forced to fight a match where my manager would be encased in concrete if I lost. I won, but I poured the concrete on him anyway.
I'm a wrestler on a losing streak, but my manager taught me to embrace African American culture. Did I mention that I'm white?
I am an evil manager, and I am going to introduce my latest acquisition: An evil santa!
I hate my latino heritage. Now I'm going to dress as a golf-loving white guy.
You testified against me in a trial. Now I'm out of jail and out for revenge, and on national television seems like the best place to do so.
The leader of a cult kidnapped me and crucified me.
I hate you, so I'm going to crush your beloved pet, then eat him.
I want to have a sex change operation, and I want my opponent to finance it.
I hate you, you hate me. Let's have a 'Loser Gets Diapered' match.
Some jerk stole my passport, now I can't get back into the United States. I must find the person responsible!
I dressed up in drag and won the women's title. I rock!
For no real reason, I'm going to hire some guy to imitate a popular wrestler. When the real one returns, lets have them fght!
You told everyone I have a tail. Them's fightin' words!
I'm a wrestler with a foot fetish. Sounds fun.
I'm WWE Champion, yet I just lost to Kevin Federline. That's not good.
I'm against all the edgy content, so I'm now a born-again Christian... No wait it's a set-up. I'm returning to my old character.
You sold me some drugs that sent me on a bad trip.
My faction is made of white guys. Yours is made of Puerto Ricans. I know! Let's have a gang war!

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