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Can you name the slang terms used in pro wrestling?

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A multi-man match where wrestlers are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope
The final match in a feud
A match that ends in a time-limit draw
What wrestlers generally call eachother (particularily in the '80s)
When a wrestler hits the mat or ground
Defame someone or to criticize; lower someone in the eyes of the fans
A statement or action designed to get instant reaction
The point in a match where a wrestler begins to show signs of life by taking over offense
When a wrestler can't make it back in the ring before the count ends
A bloodied face (originated by Gordon Solie)
Line-up of matches; wrestling show
A hardcore match with an emphasis on blood and weapons; In the '80s there was a 'Texas' variety, now they are extremely graphic and violent in nature
Someone who catches the attention of the fans; Someone fans are willing to pay to see
The ending of a match
A rule which allows a team of more than two wrestlers to hold and defend a tag team championship
A term used by WWE whenever a wrestler is released
A term for matches that don't operate under normal rules; some involve weapons or require a different means to end a match
The staging area just behind the entrance curtain
An inexperienced wrestler who often makes mistakes
A match where one side is outnumbered
Blood produced by means other than blading.
A wrestler who performs a lot of difficult moves, usually off the top rope
Non-televised show
When a good guy who has been injured makes the tag to his partner to the delight of the crowd
Someone who loses a lot
An unstoppable bad guy
A manager who does the promos, or all the talking, for a wrestler possessing little or no mic skills
Being accepted by fans (whether as a good guy or villain)
An interview or a speech
A move applied to allow both wrestlers time to rest
A top-rope move, or a series of maneuvers perceived as dangerous
A wrestling show that involves most of that companies top names
Hitting someone too hard
A common move (with many variations) where a wrestler picks up their opponent and uses their weight to drive them into the mat
A sudden change in the direction of a storyline to surprise the fans

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