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Can you name the wrestlers that Paul Heyman has worked with and considers his 'guys'?

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Had Heyman's support early in his career; managed by Heyman in 2012.
Was managed by Heyman when he debuted in 2002; has maintained a relationship with him ever since.
Associated with Heyman in 2002/03 and 2006.
Was given a chance to be a top star in ECW in the late '90s and later was a champion in the rebooted ECW.
Managed by Heyman in 1991-92; part of 'Dangerous Alliance'; was brought into ECW in mid-90s.
Was pushed as an unstoppable force by Heyman despite being considered 'too small'
Was brought to OVW by Heyman in 2006 and told to be himself, he eventually became WWE champion.
Tag team, pushed by Heyman as 'the embodiment of the Extreme vision' in 1993.
Was assisted by Heyman early in his career in the mid-1980s; later became ECW champion.
Joined ECW in the mid-90s and was given creative freedom to cut his own promos and develop his character.
Was brought in from Mexico by Heyman to showcase his talents in ECW.
Managed by Heyman in 1991-92; part of 'Dangerous Alliance'.
Was given a chance to be an announcer in ECW by Heyman.
Managed by Heyman in WWE, became Intercontinental Champion.
Managed by Heyman in WWE, teamed with Heyman in a Hell in a Cell match.
Managed by Heyman in WWE, won WrestleMania Battle Royal.

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