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Can you name the trivia about the classic Simpsons episode 'Lisa's First Word'?

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What catchphrase ended up being Bart's first words?
Marge tells the story of Lisa's first word. She begins her story with 'This story begins in the unforgettable spring of 1983. Ms. _____ struck a blow for women's rights'
Homer sings the song 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' by what artist?
What does a young Bart call Homer?
Marge and Homer go house hunting. One of the houses has too many of what animal?
They find the perfect house, but first Homer needs to borrow money from who?
Krusty the Clown has a promotion for the 1984 Summer Olympics. What American city were the Olympics in?
Krusty's promotion is ruined by what occurance?
'Can't sleep, _____'ll eat me'
'Wow. A baby and a free _____. Could this be the best day of my life?'
Marge and Homer head to the hospital, leaving Bart with who?
The headline of the newspaper from the day Lisa was born says ''Mondale to Hart: Where's the _____?'
Losing money on his Olympic promotion, Krusty vows to do what to every 50th burger?
Homer wins again thanks to a victory in boxing by what regular Simpsons character?
Bart does some mean things to Lisa. He is punished by being made to sit where?
What is Lisa's first word?
What 'Knight Rider' star becomes Lisa's second and third word?
Following the story, Homer puts Maggie to bed and tells her: 'The sooner kids _____, the sooner they _____ back. I hope you never say a word.'
What is Maggie's first word?
What legendary actress voices Maggie?

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