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Can you name the trivia about the classic Simpsons episode 'Homer's Barbershop Quartet'?

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The episode contains numerous references to what legendary band?
What character gives a speech at the Springfield swap meet?
Ned Flanders sells religious trading cards, including a '_____ Rookie Card'.
Comic Book Guy plays Bart and Lisa a song that parodies what cartoon band?
Homer tells Bart not to talk like 'a grizzled 1890s ____ (consarn it).'
Homer's group, (later called The Be Sharps), is initially composed of himself, Principal Skinner, Apu and _____.
The Be Sharps do several shows at Moe's which has been renamed _____.
During a Be Sharps performance, what character decides to hit a group member with a rock (but politely decides to wait until the end of the performance)?
At the tryouts to replace a member, Groundskeeper Willie sings what Petula Clark song?
What character is eventually chosen to be the fourth member of The Be Sharps?
At the swap meet, Bart buys a 'pencil holder', which is actually a what?
To earn some money at the swap meet, Homer sold what?
Homer writes a song with the line 'There was nothing in ____'s vault. But it wasn't Geraldo's fault.'
Homer is inspired to write a song called _____.
What characters decide to listen to Paul Harvey instead of The Be Sharps?
Homer pretends to not be married during The Be Sharps' tour of what country?
Following his success Homer buys his father a Cadillac of what color?
'Principal Skinner, you've been referred to as '_____.' Is that reputation justified?'
The Be Sharps do a special performance to commemorate what landmark?
The group wins a Grammy, presented by what musician?
Which famous musician introduces himself to Homer after the Grammys?
'Oh my God. Oh my God! Where did you get that _____'
Lisa says that Homer's group won the Grammy over which band (to which Homer responds 'Well, you haven't heard the last of them')?
What is the title of The Be Sharps' second album?
During a recording session, Apu tells Homer 'This is worse than your song about _____.'
A member of The Be Sharps begins dating a 'Japanese conceptual artist', who parodies what real-life musician?
What character says 'I made millions in software and lost it at the track.'
During Homer's musical career, what replaced him at the Power Plant?
At the end of the episode, The Be Sharps do a special rooftop concert, distracting the crowd from who (hint: he spent all night dyeing his underwear)?
During the performance, a famous musician drives by, looks at the group and says what?

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