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QUIZ: Can you name the inductees of Canada's Walk of Fame?

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Singer, 'Summer of '69' 
Author, 'The Last Spike' 
Actor/comedian, 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' 
Actor/comedian, 'Ace Ventura' 
Musician, pianist 
Director, 'In the Heat of the Night' 
Ballet dancer 
Singer, 'Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald' 
Impressionist, 'The Man of a Thousand Voices' 
Singer, 'Snowbird' 
Hockey player, Boston Bruins 
Actor, 'The Sound of Music' 
Figure skater, 1948 Olympic champion 
Race Car driver, Indy 500 winner 
Singer, CBC TV host 
Director, 'A History of Violence' 
Actor, 'The Seventh Cross' 
Singer, 'My Heart Will Go On' 
Skier, 1968 Olympic champion 
Actor, 'Avalon' 
Actress, Oscar winner for 'Coquette' 
Hockey player, 'The Rocket' 
Band, 'Tom Sawyer' 
Singer/actress, Oscar winner for song 'Up Where We Belong' 
Comedy duo 
Opera singer 
Actor, 'Back to the Future' 
Ballet dancer 
Hockey player, 'Mr. Hockey' 
Stage actor 
Singer, 'Both Sides Now' 
Singer, 'Beautiful Second Hand Man' 
Painter/sculptor, member of Les Automatistes 
Comedy troupe 
Actor, Captain Kirk in 'Star Trek' 
Actor/comedian, 'Three Amigos' 
Actor, 'MASH' 
Singer, 'Rockin' in the Free World' 
Inuit artist/sculptor 
Author, 'The Handmaid's Tale' 
Hockey player, 'Le Gros Bill' 
Inventor of the telephone 
Figure skater, four-time world champion 
Band, 'American Woman' 
Baseball player, Cy Young winner 
Sprinter, 1964 Olympic medalist 
Director/playwright, 'The Dragons Trilogy' 
Actor/comedian, 'Airplane' 
Musician, 'The Polka King' 
Director, 'Ghostbusters' 
Opera soprano 
Ballet dancer 
Actor/comedian, 'Ghostbusters' 
Circus troupe 
Author/playwright, 'The Wars' 
Music producer, discovered Celine Dion and Michael BublĂ©  
Hockey player, 'The Great One' 
Game show host, 'Let's Make a Deal' 
Musician, 'Forty Days' 
Director, 'Love Story' 
Comedy troupe 
Band, 'Wheat Kings' 
Hockey coach, winningest NHL coach 
Figure skater, 1976 Olympic bronze medalist 
Equestrian athlete, 1968 Olympic champion 
Cartoonist, 'For Better or For Worse' 
Producer, 'Saturday Night Live' 
Actor/comedian, 'Austin Powers' 
Musician/songwriter, 'Starmania' 
Musician/frontman, The Band 
Actor/comedian/ writer/director, 'Seinfeld' 
Musician/'Man! I Feel Like a Woman' 
Director, Oscar winner for 'Les Invasions Barbares' 
Actress, 'Wind at My Back' 
Musician/frontman, Steppenwolf 
Musician, 'When I Look in Your Eyes' 
Hockey player, Pittsburgh Penguins 
Hollywood pioneer, founder of MGM 
Hollywood pioneer, co-founded Keystone Studios 
Actress, 'The Color of Money' 
Hollywood pioneer, founded major studio with brother 
Singer/songwriter, 'Diana' 
Boxer, never knocked down in 93 fights 
Music producer, concert promoter for Rolling Stones 
Music producer 
Ballet dancer 
Music producer, produced U2's 'The Joshua Tree' 
Singer, 'Jagged Little Pill' 
Actor, '24' 
Actress, 'King Kong' 
Actress/model, 'Baywatch' 
Singer, 'Insensitive' 
Downhill skiers 
Actor, 'The Mummy' 
Singer/actor, 'My Love, Forgive Me' 
Comedian, 'American Pie' 
Musician, bandleader for 'The Late Show with David Letterman' 
Game show host, 'Jeopardy!' 
Hockey player, 'The China Wall' 
Wheelchair athlete, 'Man in Motion' 
Actress, 'Law & Order' 
Band, 'How You Remind Me' 
Actress/comedian, 'Home Alone' 
Actor, 'Away from Her' 
Journalist, CTV news anchor 
Actress, 'Happy Gilmour' 
Director, 'Titanic' 
Comedy troupe 
Singer, 'Constant Craving' 
Basketball player, two-time NBA MVP 
Sound designer, won seven Academy Awards 
Actress, Oscar winner for 'The Divorcee' 
Band, 'Five Days in July' 
Actor, 'Perry Mason' 
Fashion designers, 'Dsquared' 
Actress, 'Sex and the City' 
Singer, 'Life is a Highway' 
Game show host/comedian, 'Deal or No Deal' 
Children's author, 'The Paper Bag Princess' 
Wheelchair athlete, won 14 Paralympic gold medals 
Musician/frontman, Blood, Sweat & Tears 
Musician, 'I'm Like a Bird' 
Magician, 'World of Magic' 
Speed skater, won six Olympic medals 
Actor, 'Will & Grace' 
Author, 'Never Cry Wolf' 
Actress/writer/director, 'Away From Her' 
Astronaut, first Canadian female astronaut 
Singer, The Guess Who 
Tennis player, seven-time Grand Slam winner 
Actress, 'Grey's Anatomy' 
Comedian, 'Red, White, and Brown' 
Author, 'Jacob Two-Two' 
Singer/guitar player, BTO 
Actor/voice actor, 'The Simpsons' 
Football player, three-time CFL MVP 
Singer, 'Angel' 
Ballet dancer 
Hockey team, defeated Russians 
Music producer, Alice Cooper and Kiss 
Athlete, Marathon of Hope 
Actor, 'Argo' 
Activists, Free the Children and Me to We 
Musician, Jazz pianist 
Soccer player, six-time female World Player of the Year nominee 
Actor, 'Growing Pains' 
Jurist, Supreme Court justice 
Band, 'The Weight' 
Muician, 'Angel Eyes' 
Actress, 'Wedding Crashers' 
Actor, 'Green Lantern' 
Hockey player, four-time gold medalist 

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