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Can you name the trivia about the classic Simpsons episode 'A Streetcar Named Marge'??

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At the beginning of the episode, the family watches the Miss American Girl Pageant, who is the host?
This actress' perfume sponsors the Miss American Girl Pageant
Near the beginning of the episode, Maggie plays a part of a song from what famous ballet?
Marge decides to audition for a role in a musical version of what famous play?
What is the musical called?
Who is the director of the musical?
He is voiced by _____.
Homer says 'Bart, don't ask stupid questions. Is there any _____?'
'My name is Otto and I'm playing _____.'
Who plays Mitch?
Who plays Stella?
Marge places Maggie in the '_____ School for Tots'
The owner of the school confiscates what item of Maggie's?
'We have a place for babies like you, _____!'
As it turns out, Homer needs Marge's help opening what?
Marge says 'There's nothing about _____ in the play. Oh wait, there is.'
Maggie's antics at the nursery parody what film?
What kind of doll does Maggie use during her escape?
When Homer goes to collect Maggie, he finds the babies sitting around a scene that parodies what film?
'New Orleans! Home of _____, drunks and ****.'
Who does Marge kiss in a scene during the musical?
Ned sings 'Stella! STELLLAAAA! Can't you hear me YELLA! You're puttin' me through _____! Stella.... STELLLAAAA!'
The musical includes the line 'Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindess of _____.'
After the musical, who pretends to be Blanche Dubois?

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