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Can you name the Medal winning nations at the 2012 Summer Paralympics?

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195G 71S 65B
236G 38S 28B
334G 43S 43B
432G 24S 28B
532G 23S 30B
631G 29S 38B
721G 14S 8B
818G 26S 22B
914G 13S 9B
1010G 10S 19B
1110G 7S 7B
129G 9S 9B
139G 8S 11B
149G 5S 5B
159G 5S 3B
168G 19S 18B
178G 18S 16B
188G 12S 9B
198G 3S 5B
207G 15S 9B
216G 7S 4B
226G 5S 2B
236G 4S 11B
245G 5S 6B
255G 2S 3B
264G 6S 9B
274G 5S 3B
284G 4S 7B
294G 4S 4B
304G 3S 6B
314G 2S 2B
324G 1S 1B
333G 6S 4B
343G 2S 3B
353G 2S 3B
363G 1S 3B
373G 0S 3B
382G 6S 6B
392G 3S 0B
402G 2S 2B
412G 1S 3B
421G 6S 4B
431G 5S 4B
441G 3S 8B
451G 2S 5B
461G 1S 1B
471G 1S 0B
471G 1S 0B
471G 1S 0B
501G 0S 4B
511G 0S 1B
521G 0S 0B
521G 0S 0B
521G 0S 0B
521G 0S 0B
521G 0S 0B
521G 0S 0B
580G 2S 3B
590G 2S 1B
590G 2S 1B
610G 2S 0B
520G 1S 4B
630G 1S 2B
630G 1S 2B
650G 1S 1B
650G 1S 1B
670G 1S 0B
670G 1S 0B
670G 1S 0B
670G 1S 0B
670G 1S 0B
670G 1S 0B
730G 0S 2B
740G 0S 1B
740G 0S 1B

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