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Can you name the alternate names of characters from the Silmarillion and the Lord of the Rings?

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True NameAlternate NameClue
Finduilas'gleam of the sun on the pools of Ivrin,' given by Gwindor
Turin'master of doom'
Turin'black sword'
Olorin'grey pilgrim,' one of the Istari
Olorinwhen mounted on Shadowfax
Olorinby Grima Wormtongue
Olorinone who bears bad news
Varda'queen of stars' (Quenya)
Varda'kindler of the stars' (Sindarin)
Varda'queen of stars'
Niënor'tear-maiden,' given by Turin
Melkor'the constrainer'
Melkor'dark enemy,' given after his theft of the silmarils
Aiwendil'tender of beasts,' one of the Istari
Curumo'man of skill,' one of the Istari
Finrod'hewer of caves,' from Dwarvish
Dior'heir of Elu'
Lúthien'nightingale,' given by Beren
Aragorngiven by occupants of Bree
Aragorn'elf-stone,' regnal name
True NameAlternate NameClue
Aragorn'hope,' adopted to hide his identity
AragornQuenyan translation of another name, adopted as name of his line
Aragorn'eagle of the star,' disguise adopted when serving the lords of Rohan and Gondor
Elros'high first-ruler,' founder of the Kings of Númenor
Yavanna'queen of the earth'
Námo'prison-fortress,' also the name of his halls
Irmonamed after his dwelling place, master of dreams
Manwë'the breather'
Gil-galad'scion of kings'
Gil-galadQuenya name
Eowynname adopted to ride with Rohan's army
Aredhel'noble white lady'
Maedhrosfather name
Maedhrosmother name meaning 'well-shaped one'
Galadriel'maiden crowned with a garland of bright radiance,' given by Celeborn
Galadrielfather name meaning 'noble woman'
Galadrielmother name meaning 'man-maiden'
Mairon'the abhorred,' he who mastered the rings
Maironguise adopted to befriend the elf-smiths of Eregion

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