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Can you name the questions related to Proof by David Auburn?

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What major award did this play win?
City/College where play takes place (settting)
Robert's relationship to main character?
The above conversation shouldn't happen because Robert is...
Robert was famous for his work in...
Hal was a _______ of Robert's
Catherine calls the ____ on Hal
Whose work was Hal looking through?
Claire's relation to Catherine?
Where does Claire want Catherine to move to?
Hooks up with Catherine
What does Catherine give to Hal?
What does Hal discover in the locked drawer?
Why did Claire come to Chicago?
Who claims to have written the groundbreaking proof?
Why doesn't anyone believe that (answer to 16) wrote it?
Who does Hal have check the proof?
Does the proof check out?
True/ false: this play was performed on Broadway

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