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Only two players have ever averaged more than 20 points per game in their UTEP careers. Jim 'Bad News' Barnes was one. Who was the other?
Who is UTEP's single-season record holder for assists?
What player tried to fight the BYU team singlehandedly in the famous 1985 triple overtime game?
What prized recruit did Don Haskins win a commitment from by beating him in a free-throw shooting contest?
Who made the shot at the buzzer that sent the Miners' 1987 NCAA Tourney game against Arizona into overtime?
For what professional team did El Paso high alum Mark McCall play after his UTEP career ended?
Who recorded the only triple-double in UTEP history?
What was the only team to defeat the Miners during the 1965-66 championship season?
Fill in the blank of this popular 1980s chant: 'We want _____! We want _____!'
Against what team did Filiberto Rivera post the unbelievable numbers of 18 assists and zero turnovers in one game?
Who is the only player to be named MVP of the Don Haskins Sun Bowl Invitational three times?
Who scored the most career points for the Miners among Texas natives only?
Who holds the UTEP career record with 336 blocks, which is more than the 2nd and 3rd place players combined?
Who was the most recent UTEP player drafted by an NBA team?
What number was worn at one time or another by the following players: Nevil Shed, Dave Feitl, Roy Howard, and Omar Thomas?
What player helped the Miners win the 1966 Final Four game against Utah by playing tough defense against Utes superstar Jerry Chambers?
What item did Don Haskins hold in his hand throughout every game?
What Miner starred on the infamous 1972 US Olympic basketball squad?
UTEP has been ranked #2 in the AP Poll on two occasions -- in 1965-66 and what other season?
Who holds the UTEP career record for most games played?

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