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Can you name the terms or people that contain the letter sequence 'eric'?

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Guitarist and writer of 'Wonderful Tonight'
Type of pressure that decreases as altitude increases
First overall pick in the 1991 NHL Entry Draft
Famed director who played a fictionalized version of himself in 'Sunset Blvd.'
A member of the clergy, particularly in Islam
Redheaded actor who doesn't like it when you bring an ODing chick to his house
Real name of '1984' author George Orwell
Song performed during the seventh-inning stretch at Yankee Stadium
Adjective that can decribe a license plate number or a 'Star Wars' robot
John McCain's favorite NBA team?
Type of medication your health insurance provider would prefer you use
Poetry form often used to describe natives of Nantucket
2003 National League Cy Young Award winner who converted 84 consecutive save chances
Rick Rubin-owned record label with which Johnny Cash won seven Grammy Awards in the 1990s and 2000s
Lead singer of The Animals
Home stadium of the Detroit Tigers
Cartoon character who isn't fat, just big boned
A long, long time ago, I can still remember how this Don McLean song used to make me smile
Escaped slave who authored the autobiography 'My Bondage and My Freedom'
Plant related to ginger, often used in curry and other South Asian dishes

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