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Can you name the answers to the biographical questions about Dodgers baseball star Jackie Robinson?

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Born in this year
Born in this town
Grew up in this town
His middle name honored this president
Name of older brother who was silver medalist in 200 meters at 1936 Olympics
Jackie's wife's name
Junior college he attended
Four-year college he attended
Sport he lettered in there
Sport he lettered in there
Sport he lettered in there
Sport he lettered in there
During World War II he refused to move to the back of an Army bus, resulting in...
After the war, he played for this Negro Leagues team
Dodgers president who signed him to integrate white baseball
Name of the scout who scouted him
Triple-A team he played for before his callup to the majors
Made his MLB debut on this date (day and year)
He became the first African-American in MLB since ____ in 1884
Position Robinson played as a rookie
Position he moved to the following year
Year he was voted National League MVP
Stole home in the 1955 World Series against this pitcher/catcher combination
Was traded to this team after the 1956 season but refused to report
Instead, he retired from baseball to work as vice president of this company
Died in this year

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