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More natural sound and better spatial organization is achieved by which type of ITE hearing aid??
What does the presence of squealing indicate??
Why is there less opportunity for acoustic feedback with a larger hearing aid??
What do you say if a patient asks you 'What kind of hearing aid do I need?'?
What are the archaic hearing aids as discussed in class??
Which type of ITE style of hearing aid may garner complaints of echoic noise and a plugging sensation??
Which type of ITE style of hearing aid do(es) not extend to the helix??
Sound which exits the hearing aid and is picked up by the microphone is called:?
Which type of hearing loss is best accommodated by a traditional BTE aid??
Which custom earmold is very much like a full shell earmold, but with a little loopy thang which makes it easier to yank on outta there??
Which custom earmold would not cause occlusion??
Which BTE aid(s) use(s) a custom micro mold or non-custom dome??
Which BTE aid would use a temporary non-custom mold?
What are the other types of non-custom earmolds called??
What is the tiny coil of wire in a hearing aid which picks up electromagnetic energy given off by telephones and induction loop systems (etc)??
Can a smaller hearing aid use the answer to the previous question??
When in telecoil mode, what happens to the microphone to eliminate feedback when using the telephone??
What is the energy transduction of a telecoil??
What are three benefits of wearing two hearing aids (when hearing loss exists in both; in order from the slide!)??
Approximately how much of an increase in perceived loudness is achieved by wearing two aids??
What is the increased ability to hearing the signal of interest in background noise (as a result of two-sided aids) called??
Which benefit is likely related to the previous answer??
Localization functions by identifying which type of differences in low frequency sounds??
Localization functions by identifying which type of differences in high frequency sounds??
What may happen to the speech processing ability of an unaided ear (with loss)??
Is cost a factor??
True or false: Speech perception ability of poorer ear may disrupt ability to understand speech in the better ear.?
Which type of processing is more faithful amplification of sound??
The word 'receiver' is used interchangeably with which term??
What are the three types of hearing aid processing methods??

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