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Can you name the Stuff we need to know for hearing aids??

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What is the smallest (least powerful) hearing aid battery??
This picks up sound and converts it to electrical energy.?
This overarching type of aid is worn outside the pinna.?
What is the significant characteristic of a hearing aid which differentiates it from a non-hearing aid amplification device? Hint: It is prescribed for:?
Microphones, bone conductors and earphones are all types of:?
This transduces electrical energy into acoustic energy.?
This is largest (most powerful) battery type.?
This is a short term for a device which converts one type of energy to another.?
This increases the intensity of an electrical signal and is powered by the battery.?
What is the second largest battery type??
What is the second smallest battery type??
Hearing aid batteries are activated by:?
This is the acoustic signal entering the hearing aid.?
This is the amount of additional intensity added to input signal.?
This is the amplified signal delivered to the ear.?
Input + Gain = ?
Output - Gain =?
Because of the innovation of aid programming, contemporary hearing aids focus most on which aspect of signal processing??
What may be influenced by acoustic and electrical features of the hearing aid??
True or False: The head, pinna and ear canal may contribute to gain.?
True or False: Not all hearing aids have individual characteristics relating to acoustic output, durability, features, cost, needs and preferences.?
Components housed outside the ear canal are not subject to:?

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