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Edmund on Nature
Gloucester's synaesthesia
In the storm
Edmund's and Cordelia's words
Goneril's blindness
Lear's worry
And then the realisation
Father's who wear rags...
Edgar's lack of self esteem
Kent's advice
Irony - Edmund
Irony - Cordlia
Animal imagery for the sisters
several answers, seperated with commas 
Prophetic nihilism
Edmund's obsession
Cordelia's view on Lear's madness
Edgar's descent
Lear understanding humanity
Lear's loss of identity
Role reversal
Edmund's view on blaming nature
Kent's rudeness
Albany's imagery
Gloucester fearing the apocalypse.
The knight's thoughts on Lear in the storm
Kent's disguise
Why couldn't Lear wait?
The fool's analysis of splitting the kingdom
Albany's feminine side
Gloucester blaming nature
Lear's carelessness
Lear questioning himself
Lear's position with nature, which contrasts with Edmunds
Gloucester defeated
Lear predicts Gloucester's fate, having taken advice from Oedipus
Lear's hope
Edmund's request
brash, Regan
Lear: I gave you all!. Regan:
Final words
Goneril's suggestion
Edgar's indignation
Edgar's positive deception
Lear's patheticness
Regan's way of teaching

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