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What border lines the Fireplace room?
What Color is the rope light?
How many lanterns are on the lamp post?
What is the 3D movie poster?
How many couches are on the first floor?
What is the vinyl poster covering the front door?
What is the movie poster covering the back door?
Who made the curtains?
Who lives in the basement?
Who is Thoms's second roommate?
What does the sign above the fireplace say?
What brand are the bottles that glow?
What bottles are featured on the window sill?
Who Created/Sang the song '1823 Mentor'?
Where is the main shower?
What type of closet is in the basement?
How many bedrooms are there?
What color are the walls in the garage?
What color are the walls in the basement?
What does NPD stand for?
Where was the original NPD location?
What is our sister sorority?
What are the names of the Pitbulls nextdoor?
What is the name of Tom's High school mascot?
What is the name of Nate's High school mascot?
What is the name of Bill's High school mascot?
What is the name of Kyle's High school mascot?
What is the name of Scott's High school mascot?
AttributeAnswerExtra info
Key feature found at parties is the?
House motto is known as?
What truck does Kyle drive fast?
What car does Nate drive?
What car does Bill drive?
What car does Tom drive?
What car does Scott drive?
Who owns the house?Nate's Parents
What is Nate's hot sister's name?
What was used as a beer pong table in the garage?
Where will the second chapter of NPD reside?
Where will the third chapter of NPD reside next year?
What is the name of our next door neighbor?
What was he arrested for?
The first party of NPD contained 300...?
Where is Nate from?
Where is Scott from?
Where is Tom from?
What is Bill's Mother's name?
What is Kyle's Mother's name?
What is Nate's Mother's name?
What is Tom's Mother's name?
What is Scott's Mother's name?
What is Scott's Step Dad's name?
Who was supposed to live at NPD this season?
Where does this individual work?
What company is located at the end of Mentor Ave.?

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