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Great show in need of more quizzes. Mmhm.

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Foyle's first name is
Foyle's official police title is
Foyle mainly solves crimes in the town of...
In the last few seasons/series he solves crimes in.....
Offscreen, Foyle also goes to this country to catch a killer post-war...
Foyle saw active duty in which war?
Foyle's marital status is
As for kids, Foyle has a...
And this offspring is named....
Foyle's loyal driver Sam's last name is
Sam's the daughter of a father who is a...
After the war, Sam also works as a
Sam's husband in the last two series is a member of...
Said husband's first name is ...
What is DI Millner's first name?
Millner has lost what body part in combat?
Millner is at one point falsely accused of killing his...
Foyle's favorite hobby seems to be...
And who plays Foyle, BTW?
Who plays Sam?
Who plays Milner?
Foyle's War was created by ...

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