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Who said it? Benjamin Franklin or Elim Garak?

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[When asked why he won't press charges after an assault that left him with injuries]: Ah, but I got off several cutting remarks which no doubt did serious damage to their egos.
Even [in America/on Cardassia] we like to keep our pleasures unsullied by business.
[on being asked if he would shoot a man in the back]: Well, it's the safest way, isn't it?
[When told that his mission requires quick action]: No, [here in France/on Romulus] you must practice the art of accomplishing much while appearing to accomplish little.
I'd like to get my hands on that fellow Earl Grey and tell him a thing or two about tea leaves.
[Humans/The British] have rules in war. Rules that tend to make victory a little harder to achieve, in my opinion.
All of [Paris/this station] is a school, [master Adams/doctor]. A young man need only to avail himself of the lessons.
Lying is a skill like any other. And if you want to maintain a level of excellence, you have to practice constantly.
[On being told that he is intelligent, cultured and kind] 'My dear, you're young, so I realize that you're a poor judge of character.
The [English/Andorians] love an insult. It's their only test of a man's sincerity.
He's always the tallest man in the room. He's bound to end up leading something.
The truth is usually just an excuse for lack of imagination.
[Paris/This holoprogram] requires a certain amount of indecency in thought and action.
We are all actors here, [Mr. Adams/my dear doctor], and so far my performance has been well-received.
[When asked if he believes in saying what you really think]: No, I'm very much against it. Thinking aloud is a habit responsible for much [of our] misery.
A good diplomat, [Mr. Adams/Captain], observes much, acts little and speaks softly.

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