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Can you name the Batman Arkham Knight Characters?

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Barbara Gordon
Joesph Blackfire
CEO of Stagg Enterprises and multiple airships
Harvey Dent
Thomas Elliot
Tim Drake
Unknown Enemy With A Hatred for Batman
Selena Kyle
Female Investigative Reporter
Head Fire Chief
Garfield Lynns
Commissioner of GCPD
Pamela Isley
Lazlo Valentin
A Member of the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas
Kirk Langstrom
Dr. Harleen Quinzel
Oswald Cobblepott
Male Investigative Reporter
Jonathan Crane
Batman's Tech Support
Slade Wilson
Bruce Wayne
Edward Nigma
The Clown Prince of Crime
CEO by day, vigilante by night
Red Hood (Past Robin)
Batman's Butler
Dick Grayson

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