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Which speech disorder has quick, involuntary movements on top of normal speech?
Which speech disorder causes a hoarse and/or quiet voice, resting tremors, a fast speech rate, and a flat prosody?
Does each sense have one and only one cranial nerve innervate it?
Substitutions, omissions, additions of sounds, false starts, and slow speech rate are associated with which speech production disorder?
The left side of her face is paralyzed. What is this called?
What cranial nerve innervates the larynx?
The tongue is wrinkled & atrophied on one side. This lesion is on which cranial nerve?
What cranial nerve is affected with hyperkinetic dysarthria of tremor?
She lost touch sensation to the front 2/3rds of her tongue. What cranial nerve is damaged?
Age-related hearing loss is also called ________.
Name cranial nerve IX.
He lost taste sensation in the front 2/3rds of his tongue. Which cranial nerve is damaged?
The patient experiences a fluctuating and abnormal speaking rate. What part of the brain could be damaged?
NF2, or neurofibromatosis type II, causes slow-growing tumors, often on cranial nerve ______.
Do the tracts of lower or upper motor neurons originate between the motor cortex and brainstem?
The left side of her face is paralyzed. What cranial nerve is damaged?
A patient experienced atrophied muscles. Is this damage to the upper or lower motor neurons?
Name cranial nerve XII.
Gentamycin (antibiotic,) cisplatin, and an overdose in Vicodin can all damage your hair cells and cause ____________.
She has no taste sensation from the posterior 1/3rd of her tongue. What cranial nerve is damaged?
He has normal otoacoustic emissions alongside an abnormal auditory brainstem response. Can't hear in noisy environments. Sounds like _______.
His speech contains neologisms, he can't understand me, and his speech is fluent but meaningless. He has _____.

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