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Refers to the separation of viral nucleic acid from the capsid inside the infected eukaryotic cell
Describes viral RNA that is complementary to the viral mRNA and, therefore, must be changed into (+) sense RNA before it can begin to translate itself into proteins within the host
A host cell carrying a prophage
A completely assembled virus outside of its host cell
The period after the infection in which the input, or inoculated virus, disappears. No virus particules are detected at this time.
The process in which the immature virus particule is formed
An individual who has recovered from a disease but retains the infectious agent in the body and continues to shed it
A disease caused by reactivation of the previously dorman varicalla zoster virus
The presence and spread of viruses through the blood
A mild infectious disease caused by the varicella zoster virus that usually afflicts children but may be severe in infants, adults, and persons with impaired immune systems
The process, useful in vaccine production, in which the ability of a virus to do damage to the exposed individual is reduced
Round or oval bodies commonly found in the cytoplasm of brain neurons of rabies-infected individuals
A major change in the antigenic composition of influenza viruses such as reassortments between human and bird influenza
A highly specific protein produced by the body in response to a foreign substance, capable of binding to and neutralizing that substance
The complete set of genes of a virus
A coreceptor present on macrophages that helps HIV to enter cells
A virus without a lipid bilayer membrane envelope around the capsid of the virus particule
A virus genus that includes the human pathogens West Nile virus, Dengue fever virus, and yellow fever virus
A bacteriophage that, when it infects its host, integrates its genome into a specific region of the host chromosome and replicates every timet he cell copies its chromosomal DNA
A new or recently identified virus
Part of the structure of poxviruses containing various enzymes essential for viral replication
Inventor of a polio vaccine prepared with inactivated virus and injected into the body
A worldwide epidemic
A disease caused by a poliovirus that can weaken or paralyze its victims
The scientific study of how the immune system responds to nonself agents
An unusually high number of cases in excess or normal expectation of a similar illness in a population, community, or region
The stage of virus life cycle in which the virus particular becomes infectious
Viruses that enable satellite viruses to replicate
A protein that cleaves the sialic acid receptors on the outside of cells as the infectious influenza viruses are released
Virus capable of causing hepatitis B in humans; replicates through an RNA intermediate by reverse transcription
The viral DNA of a bacterial virus that is inserted into the bacterial DNA and is passed from one generation to the next during binary fission
Refers to a disease that is constantly present in a specific area or region
An acronym for the group-specific antigen gene that encodes the internal structural proteins of retroviruses
A minor variation over time in the antigenic composition of influenza viruses
A viral capsid and its associated genome
A serious viral disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus in which CD4 T lymphocytes are destroyed and opportunistic infections occurs in the pateint
The measure of viruses that can form a plaque on a cell monolayer
The flexible membrane of protein and lipid that surrounds many types of viruses
A rash mainly covering the face and extremities as opposed to the entire body
The administration of at least three different compounds to jointly block viral replication by inhibiting the viral protease and/or reverse transcriptase of HIV
The average number of virus particles that infect a single cell in a specific experiment
The T lymphocyte coreceptor that helps to allow HIV to enter the cell; also known as fusin
An inanimate object, such a clothinig or a utensil, that carries etiological agents
A virus characterized by an RNA genome and the enzyme reverse transcriptase
The protein shell that encloses and protects the nucleic acid genome of a virus
A virus that infects and replicates within bacterial cells
A wart
Inventor of a polio vaccine prepared with attenuated viruses and take orally
Describes ssRNA that is both + and - sense on the same ssRNA segment
An 18th century method to inoculate someone with the smallpox virus to render that person resistent to infection; resulted in 1-2% mortality
The scientific study of viruses
A clear area on a lawn of bacteria or a monolayer of cells where viruses have destroyed the cells
A symmetrical figure composed of 20 triangular faces and 12 points; one of the major shapes of viral capsids
The intentional or threatened use of biological agents to cause fear in or actually inflict death or disease upon a large population
Giant cells formed during the fusion of host cells to facilitate viral spread
Describes viral RNA that, upon entering the cell, can be directly translated into proteins
An envelope glycoprotein of influenza virus that enables host cell binding
A retroviral gene that encodes a protein that is embedded within a lipid bilayer and surrounds the nucleoprotein core particle of the virus
A viral genome that is maintained in the host cell by independent replication
A protein shell between the genome and capsid that is found in some viruses
A rare and severe side effect of smallpox vaccination that can occur in individuals with eczema
Mayn viral structural proteins that come together to form identical subunits, forming the viral capsid
The virus that causes AIDS by attacking and compromising the body's immune system
A retrovirus gene that encodes reverse transcriptase

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