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Despite being loved by such a strong woman, he was incredibly weak
Cost his mother her health
Was a blockader
Owned a general store after the war, but wasn't a good business man
Scarlett's best friend
Was really in love with her cousin
Owner of Twelve Oaks
Real first name was 'Katie'
Didn't know nothing 'bout birthing no babies
One of the few 'self-made' plantation owners in Clayton County, Georgia
Was very close to Gerald
Saved Scarlett from being raped
He would have been Ashley's brother-in-law, but Scarlett was enough temptation for him to break his engagement
One of the most influential women in Atlanta
Came up with the idea of having gentlemen bid on which lady they would dance with at the bazaar
Cared for generations of Robillard women
Real name was 'Eugenie Victoria'
Carreen was in love with him
Aunt Pittypat's slave who was part of the family
The O'Hara's overseer who got Emmie Slattery pregnant
Scarlett stole her man (and married him...and it isn't Suellen)
Cracker who helped Scarlett by taking care of the plantation, and marrying her spinster sister
Slave who came from Twelve Oaks with her daughter
A convict, living with the most Christian woman in the novel
Old maid.
Often pretended to faint, in an effort to be ladylike
Outcasted by respectable southern society, but protects the KKK members
Never got to meet his father, but idolized him, even if his mother did not
A white trash girl, whose family indirectly caused Ellen's death
Pittypat's slave, who was part of the family
Resembled her father and was a disapointment to her mother
Is not really a person, but rather a place
Tried to trick her father, indirectly causing his death
A former belle who was forced to marry an overseer when they lost everything
Managed to give some good advice during Gerald's funeral
After she was finally proposed to by the man she loved since she was thirteen, he died.

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