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Forced Order
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What is the greeting of Islam?
How to express that you are doing great?
Who is the Lord?
Where is the Lord?
Who is the final Prophet?
Where the Prophet was born?
Where did the Prophet pilgrimage to?
How many pillars does Islam have?
How many pillars does the faith have?
What is the pillar of the religion?
What is the most important obligation to muslims?
What is the worst sin?
Can anyone know the unseen but Allah?
Who are suffering from Allah's wrath?
Who are the misguided ones?
Which sect caused the 'Qur'an was created' test?
Which scholar denied the 'Qur'an was created' test?
Which is the most powerful Ayah in Qur'an?
Who is that: 'She's with two belts'?
Who is that: 'The best woman of all worlds'?
What is the place for dignity?
What is the place of punishment and humiliation?
Which hand do muslims eat and drink with?
What is the rule called concerning using toothpick?
What is the rule called concerning using beads?
What is the rule called concerning celebrating Muhammad's birthday?
What is the rule called concerning listening to music?
Who killed seven Byzantine soldiers?
Who was the nurse of Muhammad?
Who was the first martyr in Islam?

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