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Can you name the words and names that start with 'Bra'?

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A type of fine German pork sausage that is typically fried or grilled
A limb, offshoot, or ramification of any main stem
An informal usually French restaurant serving simple hearty food
To weave, interlace, or entwine together
A system of printing or writing for the blind
A product of one's creative work or thought
A piece of mechanism for retarding or stopping motion by friction
A red, firm apple of New Zealand origin
Surname of actor who won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Don Vito Corleone
A noisy quarrel or fight, oftentimes taking place in a pub or bar
Demonym used for residents or natives of South America's biggest country
Major Asian river flowing through India, China and Bangladesh
A person who boasts about achievements or possessions
An alcoholic liquor distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice
American singer Laura who lost her 'Self Control' in 1983
An ornamental band or ring, for the wrist or the arm
German state and also the first word of a famous German landmark
Capital city of Slovakia
Great technical skill and brilliance shown in a performance or activity
A member of the highest, or priestly, class among the Hindus
German word for the color brown, also the surname of Hitler's longtime companion Eva
Term used to describe water that is somewhat salty but less salty than sea water
Title of a 1995 historical drama war epic film directed by and starring Mel Gibson
To cook food slowly in a covered dish in a little fat and liquid
A punctuation mark that's used to set a word or phrase aside from the rest of a sentence

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