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Forced Order
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You're worth so muchCollide
In the dark with the music on wishing I was somewhere elseCollide
All the things my feet thought to be firm are falling with urgencyHey You, I Love Your Soul
I see you standing here but you're so far awayComatose
Break my bones and reset me piece by piece you break meAlien Youth
We take a walk in the gardenSkillet
I hate feeling like thisComatose
Times are hard, times have changedAlien Youth
I'm sitting with my heart out on the tableSkillet
I walk through the desert, hide from the sunHey You, I Love Your Soul
Tick tockAwake
I went to bed I was thinking about youAwake
Everything I am is resting in my jarHey You, I Love Your Soul
You try to answer slowSkillet
It's so urgent; it's so desperateInvincible
You come to me with scars on your wristComatose
Never reaching what I want to reachCollide
Shrouded in proof, you're the mysteryInvincible
I am yours; you are mineInvincible
The secret side of me I never let you seeAwake
Speak, and my heart starts achingAlien Youth

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