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QUIZ: Can you name the U.S. states by stereotypes?

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Flat land. An erection has more elevation than we do.
So easy to spell, but hard at the same time
Everything is bigger here....except IQ numbers. Number 43 was a prime example.
Sports fans hate our big 4 teams because they are so sucessful. Well 3 out of 4 anyways.
'I'll be back.....to campaign for another term.'
Apparently we can't vote, and only old people live here.
Two words. Napoleon. Dynamite.
If you want to see half naked women (in public) once a year, then come here!
Today's forecast......rain. Again. FML.
We were pretty obscure until some woman claimed she can see Russia from here.
People only think about me when it comes to hockey, unemployment, or 8 mile.
Redneck? We're the birthplace of Wal-mart! Can't get much more redneck than that!
We love peaches, and apparently the Devil came here for a soul to steal.
We got Las Vegas and....uh....get back to you on the rest.
We have some horse race once a year in May, then fade back into obscurity.
Ha. Ha. Ha. Only people who practice abstinence live here. Like we haven't heard that before.
No, that girl on the Disney Channel is not from here.
Yes, we are a state. So, the guy in office IS allowed to be there.
Our top college's mascot was often a victim in early NES games.
We got some moutains...the Jazz....and...yeah.
We get really high here! Well...that's what happens when your elevation is a mile long.
Want to find hell on Earth? Visit here during the summer. Or, even the winter.
Home of the arch! No, not McDonald's......
Road rage? We never have it. Ok...maybe a little bit.
Where the men are required to have spiked hair, and tan more than the women they claim to get.
No, incest is not practiced here. Now, excuse me while I oogle my 3rd cousin twice removed.
OOOOHHH where the wind goes sweeping down the pllllaaaaiiinnnn
Our taxes went to some babe in Argentina. Gotta love the government.
No, we are not a country. We may share a border with them, but we are NOT them.
We elected a wrestler for governor, and a comedian to senator. You think California has it bad?
ELVIS is still alive to me, dammit!
Nobody gives a damn about us until a certain Lynyrd Skynrd song comes on.

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