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Can you name the states given a college of one bordering state and the mascot of a college in another bordering state?

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College/MascotStateBordering States
Delaware Hokies
Oregon State Vandals
Georgia Wolfpack
Louisiana State Sooners
Auburn Yellow Jackets
Ohio State Boilermakers
Hampton Volunteers
Texas Razorbacks
UNLV Ducks
Colorado Wildcats
St. Johns Wildcats
Wake Forest Wildcats
Iowa Badgers
Penn State Buckeyes
Colorado Cornhuskers
Nemo's School in ''Finding Nemo''
Arizona Longhorns
Indiana Hawkeyes
Tennessee Crimson Tide
Georgia Tech Rebels
Bowie State Nittany Lions
Nebraska Cyclones
Wisconsin Gophers
Kentucky Jayhawks
Penn State Crimson
College/MascotStateBordering States
Syracuse Zips
Grambling State Cowboys
Utah State Rams
Plymouth State Panthers
UMass Orange
Washington Spartans
Idaho Cowboys
Minnesota State Bobcats
Yukon Northern Timberwolves
Illinois Rockets
Purdue Wolverines
Temple Bulls
Colorado State Wildcats
Arkansas Red Raiders
UConn Minuteman
Buffalo Huskies
Maine Catamounts
North Carolina Terrapins
Virginia Tech Mountaineers
Southern Cal Sun Devils
Michigan State Fighting Illini
New Mexico State Cougars
Brigham Young Bruins
Tennessee State Gamecocks
Washington State Beavers

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