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The First Lady of the Shortest Tenured President?
The Odds of Getting Pocket Kings in Texas Hold'em? (1 in ___)
The High School Steve Jobs Attended?
The Athlete Whose Name is 'Mango Penny Tin' Unscrambled?
The Man Who Proved Fermat's Last Theorem?
The Mayor of the Most Populous City of the Least Populous US State (2010)?
The Longest English Word That Can Be Typed With Only the Right Hand on a QWERTY Keyboard?
The Move That TM 32 Teaches in Pokemon Red?
The Author of Oprah's Book Club Selection of June 1998?
The Pope During the Year the Ming Dynasty Began?
The Player With the 6th Most Points on the New Jersey Nets During the 2001-2002 NBA Regular Season?
The Most Missed Character From the Sporcle Quiz 'characters from 'The Simpsons''
The Current President of the Country of the 2000 Olympics Men's Pole Vault Silver Medalist?
The Main Character's Love Interest in the (Decoded) Film 'Kenwbzqn Emwb Ylaelvb'?
The Last Names of the Males Who Placed Third on American Idol? (In chronological order)

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