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Fairy TailFire Dragon Slayer
Fairy TailCelestial Spirit Magic
Fairy TailRequip
Fairy TailIce Devil Slayer
Fairy TailSky Dragon Slayer
Fairy TailAera
Fairy TailAera
Fairy TailAera
Fairy TailIron Dragon Slayer
Fairy TailWater
Fairy TailTake Over: Satan Soul
Fairy TailTake Over: Beast Soul
Fairy TailTake Over: Animal Soul
Fairy TailCards
Fairy TailTitan
Fairy TailLightning Dragon Slayer
Fairy TailDark Ecriture
Fairy TailFairy Magic
Fairy TailSeith Magic
Fairy TailCrash
Fairy TailMagic Staves
Fairy TailSolid Script
Fairy TailSpeed
Fairy TailPlant Magic
Fairy TailGuns Magic
Fairy TailRequip: The Gunner
Fairy TailMemory Control
Fairy TailWood Make
Fairy TailSand
Fairy TailTelepathy
Fairy TailPurple Flare
Fairy TailSmoke
Fairy TailRainbow Fire
Fairy TailSeith Magic
Fairy TailPict Magic
Fairy TailDance
Fairy TailCubellios
Fairy TailRegulus
Fairy TailHealing
Fairy TailGrand Fairy Spells
Fairy TailLightning Magic
Blue PegasusPhasing Magic
Blue PegasusParfum Magic
Blue PegasusArchive
Blue PegasusSnow
Blue PegasusAir Magic
Blue PegasusAera
Blue PegasusTake Over: Machina Soul
Lamia ScaleSpinning Magic
Lamia ScaleEarth Magic
Lamia ScaleIce Make
Lamia ScaleSky God Slayer
Lamia ScaleDoll Magic
Lamia ScaleWave Magic
Lamia ScaleParalysis
SabertoothLight Dragon Slayer
SabertoothShadow Dragon Slayer
SabertoothLightning God Slayer
SabertoothMemory Make
SabertoothCelestial Spirit Magic
Quatro CerberusGuild Master
Quatro CerberusPalm Magic
Quatro CerberusDrill 'n Rock
Quatro CerberusTear Magic
Quatro CerberusPlant Magic
Quatro CerberusUnknown
Quatro CerberusSpinning Magic
Mermaid HeelGravity Change
Mermaid HeelThread Magic
Mermaid HeelVegetable Magic
Mermaid HeelGravity Change
Mermaid HeelBondage Magic
Raven TailShikigami Magic
Raven TailCrimson Hair
Raven TailMagic Canceling
Raven TailMimic
Raven TailNeedle Magic
Phantom LordShade
Phantom LordAir
Phantom LordEarth
Phantom LordFire
Tower of HeavenDarkness
Tower of HeavenGuns Magic
Tower of HeavenCards
Death's Head CaucusSword Magic
Death's Head CaucusHair Magic
Death's Head CaucusJet Magic
Oración SeisDarkness Magic
Oración SeisDarkness Magic
Oración SeisReflector Magic
Oración SeisPoison Dragon Slayer
Oración SeisCelestial Spirit Magic
Oración SeisSlowing Magic
Oración SeisEarth Magic
Oración SeisLightning Magic
EdolasMagic Scepter
EdolasCommand Tact
EdolasRosa Espada
EdolasMagic Vials
EdolasMagic Staves
Grimoire HeartBullet Magic
Grimoire HeartGravity Magic
Grimoire HeartArc of Time
Grimoire HeartMaguility Sense
Grimoire HeartArc of Trees
Grimoire HeartBlack Magic
Grimoire HeartArc of Embodiement
Grimoire HeartFire God Slayer
Grimoire HeartHuman Subordination Magic
Grimoire HeartLetter Magic
Grimoire HeartEgg Magic
Legion CorpsNullification Magic
Legion CorpsCommand Magic
Legion CorpsDog Whistle Magic
Legion CorpsAthletic Magic
Legion CorpsAera
Legion CorpsRicochet
Legion CorpsRupture Magic
Zentopia ChurchDarkness Magic
Neo-Oración SeisReflector Magic
Neo-Oración SeisPoison Dragon Slayer
Neo-Oración SeisAngel Magic
Neo-Oración SeisSlowing Magic
Neo-Oración SeisSlot Magic
Neo-Oración SeisWeather Magic
Neo-Oración SeisTransformation Magic
CarbuncleShadow Magic
CarbuncleGuns Magic
Crime SorcièreHeavenly Body
Crime SorcièreArc of Time
Crime SorcièreMaguility Sense
Crime SorcièreDarkness Magic
Crime SorcièrePoison Dragon Slayer
Crime SorcièreSlowing Magic
Crime SorcièreAngel Magic
Crime SorcièreEarth Magic
TartarosThorn Curse
TartarosBlast Magic
TartarosIce Devil Slayer
TartarosBomb Curse
TartarosCalamity Curse
TartarosTenga Goken
TartarosTenchi Kaimei
TartarosAbsorption Curse
Celestial SpiritSword Magic
Celestial SpiritWater
Celestial SpiritGiant Labrys
Celestial SpiritTwin Scissors
Celestial SpiritEarth Magic
Celestial SpiritBow and Arrows
Celestial SpiritRegulus
Celestial SpiritWool Magic
Celestial SpiritSand Magic
Celestial SpiritCopy Magic
Celestial SpiritCombat
Celestial SpiritWater Magic
Celestial SpiritGravity Change
Celestial SpiritDimension Creation
Celestial SpiritCross
Celestial SpiritClock
Celestial SpiritHarp
Celestial SpiritDog
Celestial SpiritCompass
Celestial SpiritBear
Celestial SpiritSwan
Dragon/Dragon SlayerDragon Magic
Love and LuckyCelestial Spirit Magic
Magic CouncilChairman
Magic CouncilChairman
Magic Council2nd Seat
Magic CouncilHeavenly Body
Magic CouncilArc of Time
Magic CouncilFlattening Magic
Magic CouncilGreen Magic
Magic CouncilEarth Magic
Magic CouncilMemory Control
Magic Council StaffLetter Magic
Alvarez EmpireBlack Arts
Alvarez EmpireMagic King
Alvarez EmpireEnchantment
Alvarez EmpireCommand T
Alvarez EmpireTake Over: God Soul
Alvarez EmpirePleasure
Alvarez EmpireHybrid Dragon Slayer
Alvarez EmpirePure Ice Magic
Alvarez EmpireWeakness
Alvarez EmpireHistoria of the Dead
Alvarez EmpireTartaros Curses
Alvarez EmpireSand Magic
Alvarez EmpireAssassin

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