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Can you name the 'Boyfriends Elaine has had at least one date with'?

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Episode HintName
The star of the show
'Yeah that's right'
The close talker
'It's called the Lumbar Yard'
Elaine was his beard
The Maestro
The Dentist who regifted
'You have a big head'
Was he black or white?
Worked at the Anderson Shoppe
Elaine flew from England - said 'Pardon?'
Sent Elaine away because she smelled of BO
Had the same name as a serial killer
Worked for Mayor Dinkins
Episode HintName
'Jimmy's got some new moves'
Joins Greenpeace when Elaine rejects him
Baseball player
Crazy ---- -----------------
Refused to use exclamation points
Bizarro Jerry
Shaves his head but discovers he's going bald
The Wiz
Prolife Mover
The got no green lantern
Elaine feeds him Yankee bean
Jazz Musician
'He took it out'

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