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Can you name all the Steven Universe Episodes from Season 1?

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The Food-Shaped Portable Storage!
Baby Melon, No!
The Ultimate Fusion!
They Grow Up So Slow!
Crystal Gems Having Breakfast!
The Third Sequel!
Ocean Disaster!
Let's Crush The Hub, Amethyst And Garnet!
Tiger Becomes Rich!
Party Gone Wrong!
Welcome To The Shirt Life!
Weird Animation For The First Time!
The Beach City Lighthouse Mystery!
First Cracked Gemstone!
Second Cracked Gem (Stone)!
Not Serious Enough!
Greg's Injured Leg!
Breaking Out Of A Hand!
The Sequel For Lion!
Garnet's Power!
Goodbye, Home, Welcome New Life, Amethyst!
Cats, Cats Everywhere!
The Connie Clone!
Steven's Mother's Room Clones!
Rose's Weapon!
The First Storytime With Greg!
First Fusion!
The Madness From Droids!
The Theories Will Go On!
A Kid Playing With Swords!
Girlfriend Trapped With Me In A Bubble, Help!
Steven At Connie's Home Tonight!
Homeworld Returns!
Lars The Betrayer!
A Look Around Warping!
Trade Me For That, Or Else!
Garnet, The Game Hooligan!
Stay Away From Garnet, Don't Let Her Know!
Building Of A Rocket!
Monster Wants Chips!
Steven And Connie, Sitting Together!
Lars And Steven Hanging Out With Teenagers!
Beach-A-Palooza And Clones Of Steven!
Rose's Cannon!
New Type Of Belly-Button Gem Debuts!
Li'l Butler!
Lapis' Message!
Killer Dancing Fries!
Steven's Tests!
Disaster Island!
Steven's Garnet Story!
Steven Helps Mayor Dewey!
Lion: The Movie!

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