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Town Meeting, Town Meeting tonight
Nice F***ing Model, Honk Honk
Besides, If we get lost we'll just pull over, ask directions
Here snippy snippy snipe (clap clap clap)
1.21 Gigawatts!! how could i be so careless?!?!?!
what the Hell is a Gigawatt!?!?! 
wait, Backwards?
hey man, just between you and me the whole kissing thing with you and the dog is coming off a little fruity
It puts the lotion on! 
if you are the real us's what number are we thinking of?
69 Dudes! 
Joben? what is that, my names not even joe?
I duno you gave me a cool name and i wanted to give you one, i'm drunk 
lock it up, no you lock it up.
those my friend are I.O.U.'s those are as good as cash, 225 thou might wana hold on to that
dog poo here, dog poo there, dog poo everywhere all along the sides all down here, yucky icky smelly dog poo

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