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Can you answer the Trivia questions about the show Arthur?

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What is The Brain's birth name?
What is Muffy's last name?
What is Arthur's middle name?
What school does Arthur attend?
What town does Arthur live in?
What is Buster's father's occupation?
In what grade are Arthur and his pals?
What program televises Arthur?
What is the name of Francine's older sister?
What is the last name of Arthur's teacher?
Which one of Arthur's pals has asthma?
What animal is Binky Barnes?
Where do Arthur and DW go to visit their grandpa Dave in season 1?
Finish the sentence: 'Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a...'
Who is the superhero that Buster and Arthur idolize?
What kind of animal is Prunella?
What color are Arthur's pajamas?
What are the names of the Tibble twins?
Who is the author that created the Arthur series?
What is Arthur's mother's occupation?
What is Arthur's father's occupation?
What is the name of the Mr. Read's mother?
What is the name of the ice cream hangout that Arthur and his pals visit regularly?
What was Binky accused of spray painting on the school wall outsidel?
What is the name of the principal at Arthur's school?
In the Episode, 'Arthur Accused!', Arthur is accused of losing quarters for a fundraiser. What did the quarters end up being inside?
What is the name of Arthur's moose friend?
What religion are the Frenskys?
What is the name of Muffy's butler?
What is the name of the cow DW idolizes?

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