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Forced Order
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What is the name of the man who is hired to play the mandarin in Iron Man 3
What is Luke Cage's real name
What type of food do the Avengers get after the battle of New York
What Country is Tony Stark held captive in, in Iron Man
Who is Thors stepmom
Which Fast Food restaurant does Tony Stark go to after he is rescued, in Iron Man
Who trained Matt Murdock
What is Captain Americas shield made out of
Which deceased rapper does Cottonmouth have a portrait of in his office
What does S.H.I.E.L.D stand for
What name did Daisy Johnson go by before finding out her real name
Which New York City suburb does Peter Parker live in
Where did Luke Cage work in the first few episodes of Luke Cage
Edwin Jarvis was about to be charged with what before being helped out by Howard Stark
What branch of the military was Frank Castle in
Where did Scott Lang briefly work before getting fired due to his criminal record
What is the name of Peter Quill's mixtape
What is Agents May's nickname
What is the Winter Soliders real name
What type of bird does Ivan Vanko have
In Captain America Civil War what name does Stan Lee call Tony Stark
What Rock Band made the Iron Man 2 soundtrack and also is played many times when Tony Stark is Iron Man throughout the MCU
What is the name of the soda company that Bruce Banner worked for
Who killed Iron Mans parents
What brand of gum did Steve Rogers hide a top secret flash drive behind in a vending machine
What two teams are playing in the baseball game on the radio that is used to try and trick Steve Rogers that he's still in the 1940s
What country did Black Widow find Bruce Banner in, in the Avengers
What is Sharon Carters codename
How many people does Captain America take out in the elevator scene in The Winter Soldier
What is the name of the suit Tony Stark uses to take down Hulk
Which Avenger makes a cameo in Ant-Man
How many times does Captain America say on your left in The Winter Soldier running scene
What kind of car does Steven Strange crash in Doctor Strange
What type of food does Arnim Zola say he does not eat
How many kids does Clint Barton have in Avengers Age of Ultron

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