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what state is the rock n roll hall of fame located in?
whate famous location did the beatles preform an impromptu concert performance?
only black artist in the rat pack
concert where hendrix smashed his guitar and the who destroyed the stage
Dylan goes electric at what folk festival
what name was led zeppelin originally gonna be called
this guitarist is famously known for his windmill style strum of his guitar
what prison did johnny cash preform a live cd besides folsom prison?
ringo starr replaced this drummer early in the beatles career
what is the name of BB kings guitar?
artist who supposedly died by choking on a ham sandwhich
commonly known as the father of rock n roll
commonly known as the king of rock n roll
the state in which the original woodstock was held
festival in which the rolling stones headlined and was ruined due to security problems held by the biker gang the Hells Angels
nirvana was joined by this influential band on there unplugged in nyc cd?
supergroup formed by legendary artists tom petty, bob dylan, roy orbinson, george harrison, and jeff lynn
song written to the dead son of a famous artist who tragically died from falling from a window
ozzy bit the head off of what animal in front of his record producers in 1981
city were jim morrison escaped too after facing criminal charges in the united states. he dies here

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