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What does Dudley's Mom frequently call him?
What do the Dursley's buy Harry when they go to the Zoo?
Who is Dudley's best friend and right hand man?
Dudley's Other Gang Member # 1
Member# 2
Member # 3
Dessert Dudley got at zoo that did not have enough ice cream
Vernon's Sister
Petunia's maiden name
Dudley's nickname from gang
Piers' School
Number of presents Dudley has before they go to the zoo.
Country where snake is from that Harry sets free?
Harry's school he was supposed to attend?
Color of Smeltings knickerbockers.
Dursley's Street Adress
Hotel the Dursley's and Harry stay at when they leave to get away from the letters.
T.V show Dudley misses while attending this hotel.
What does Hagrid place on Dudley's Butt?
Last name of family Vernon invites to their house to settle a business deal.
Witch that sends Harry's expullsion from Hogwarts.
Candy Fred and George drop that Dudley eats.
Size of Dudley's tongue by the time Mr. Weasley fixes it.
Marge's Dog
School the Dursley's tell Marge Harry attends.

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