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Can you name the harry potter?

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Gryffindor house ghost
Ravenclaw house ghost
Slytherin house ghost
Hufflepuff house ghost
Hogwarts poltergeist
Hepzibah Smith's house elf
Two teams in the Quidditch World Cup
Irish seeker
Bulgarian seeker
Krum's Quidditch Move
Peverell Brother 1
Brother Peverell 2
Brother Peverell 3
Mcgonagall's Animagus
Non-magical people
Soup that Xenophilius tries to feed Harry, Ron, and Hermione
Wizarding game like marbles
Number of sickles in a Galleon
Dress shop in Diagon Alley
Other dress shop in Diagon Alley
Fleur's little sister
Weasley product that creates instant darkness
How do you open the Chamber of Secrets
Driver of the Knight Bus
What spell does Harry use in the first task
What forest does Harry find the sword in
Who replaces the Fat Lady in the third book
Where does Snape live
Buckbeak's other name
Tom Riddle's first job was at...

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