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Can You Answer These Trivia Questions About Castiel?

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Season Four
Castiel's first episode? 
What species is Castiel? 
Who is Castiel's vessel? 
Castiel's vessels wife? 
Castiel's vessels daughter? 
Castiel is generally referred to as? 
Who did Castiel raise from perdition? 
What mark did Castiel leave on Dean? 
In which episode did Castiel first use time travel? 
Who killed Castiel in Lucifer Rising? 
Season Five
On what part of Sam and Dean did Castiel carve a sigil? 
From which country did Castiel retrieve holy oil? 
Where did Castiel carve an angel banishing sigil? 
Who was Castiel looking for? 
Which horseman's finger did Castiel cut off? 
What did Famine make Castiel crave? 
What did Jesse turn Castiel into? 
What did Castiel say to distract Michael and Lucifer? 
Who killed Castiel? 
What class of angel is Castiel after his resurrection? 
Season Six
What was Castiel fighting? 
Who was Castiel's lieutenant? 
Whose Soul Does Castiel touch in Frontierland? 
Who did Castiel kiss in Caged Heat? 
Castiel's true form is the size of the? 
What did Castiel watch in a room full of dudes? 
Who did Castiel order to unsink the Titanic? 
Castiel is the angel of? 
Who did Castiel team up with to open purgatory? 
Whose mental wall did Castiel break? 
Season Seven
What other than souls did Castiel swallow? 
What of Castiel's is left floating in the lake? 
What name is amnesiac Castiel using? 
Who is amnesiac Castiel married to? 
What game did Castiel play with Dean? 
Whose insanity did Castiel take on? 
Who watched over Castiel in the mental institution? 
Which angel from his garrison tried to kill Castiel? 
Who did Castiel help defeat in the finale? 
Where did Castiel end up in the finale? 
Season Eight
Who retrieved Castiel from purgatory? 
Who did Naomi force Castiel to practice killing? 
Who did Castiel kill in Torn and Frayed? 
What did Castiel decide to become in Hunteri Heroici? 
What did Castiel leave to protect? 
What restaurants does Castiel travel between? 
Who does Castiel work with on the 'angel trials'? 
What type of hybrid being did Castiel kill? 
Whose bow did Castiel retrieve? 
Who steals Castiel's grace? 
Season Nine
Who is the first angel Castiel encounters as a human? 
Who did Castiel lose his virginity to? 
What did Castiel have as protection for the above activity? 
Where did Castiel work as a human? 
What name was Castiel using whilst working there? 
Whose grace did Castiel steal? 
What does food taste like to Castiel as an angel? 
Hannah demanded that Castiel kill who? 
Who sacrifices himself to free Castiel from heaven's jail? 
Who did Castiel manage to lock away in heaven's prison in the finale? 
Season Ten
Who helped Castiel by giving him another angels' grace? 
Which angel kissed Castiel? 
Who did Castiel break out of a group home? 
Where did Castiel find his stolen grace? 
Who did Castiel finally meet in the Book of the Damned? 
In Angel Heart, who was Castiel looking for? 
What did Castiel buy Claire at the 'Hot Topical'? 
Who helped Castiel break into heaven by opening the gate? 
Who attacked Castiel in the bunker? 
Who cast the 'attack dog' spell on Castiel in the finale? 
Season Eleven
Who possesses Castiel? 
Which angels capture and torture Castiel? 
Who dies trying to free Castiel from the angels? 
Season Twelve

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