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Can you name the random things about spongebob squarepants?

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1999-2012AnswerExtra Nothing
Who is Spongebob's best friend?
Who lives next to....
Who does not like...
Who works at the....
Who's job is......
The boss of The Krusty Krab is....
Who lives in an....
His daughter's name is.......
That is a..........
1999-2012AnswerExtra Nothing
Spongebob live in a.......
Squidward lives in a....
Patrick lives in a.......
And they live on what street?
The movie theater they go to is called...
In the opening theme song what does Spongebob use his nose to do?
What did Spongebob and Patrick forget too pay for on free day?
What did Spongebob eat that made the whole town not want to go near him anymore?
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