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Let's start off easy. Sporcle's favorite country
This country has only 7% of homes that have flushing toilets
This country in 2002 had 0 billionaires
This country is considered the best country to live in
This country has never invaded another country
In this country, the average person spends 4:29 hours watching T.V.
In this country, people found out that a large amount of government money is given as salaries to wives of high government officials
In this country's capital, the average square yard of a sidewalk contains about 70 discarded pieces of chewing gum
This country contains Mount Everest
In this country, students are allowed to use text-messaging language on their exams
In this country's Basant Festival, competitors tie their strings and kites to sharp objects (such as knives, glass, and metal) to slash their opponents strings

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