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Can you name the 100 Most Influential Books Ever Written?

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6000-2000 BCReligious scripture
8th-7th c. BC Homer
5th c. BCTraditional text
13th-4th c. BCReligious scripture
5th c. BCThucydides
5th c. BCHerodotus
400 BCHippocrates
4th c. BCAristotle
5th-4th c. BCConfucius
380 BCPlato
3rd c. BCLao Tzu
280 BCEuclid
252 BCReligious scripture
55 BCLucretius
19 BCVirgil
1st c.Philo of Alexandria
50-100Religious scripture
120Cornelius Tacitus
2nd c.Valentinus
167Marcus Aurelius
150-210Sextus Empiricus
3rd c.Plotinus
3rd c. BC-3rd c. ADReligious scripture
400St. Augustine of Hippo
7th c.Religious scripture
1190Moses Maimonides
12th c.Religious/mystic scripture
1266-73Thomas Aquinas
1321Dante Alighieri
1509Desiderius Erasmus
1532Niccolò Machiavelli
1520Martin Luther
1532/1534François Rabelais
1536John Calvin
1543Nicolaus Copernicus
1580Michel de Montaigne
1605-15Miguel de Cervantes
1619Johannes Kepler
1620Francis Bacon
1623William Shakespeare
1632Galileo Galielei
1637René Descartes
1651Thomas Hobbes
1663-1716Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
1670Blaise Pascal
1677Baruch Spinoza
1678-84John Bunyan
1687Isaac Newton
1689John Locke
1710/1734George Berkeley
1725/1744Giambattista Vico
1739-40David Hume
1751-72Denis Diderot, et. al.
1755Samuel Johnson
1776Thomas Paine
1776Adam Smith
1776-87Edward Gibbon
1781/1787Immanuel Kant
1781Jean-Jacques Rousseau
1790Edmund Burke
1792Mary Wollstonecraft
1793William Godwin
1798/1803Thomas Malthus
1807Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
1819Arthur Schopenhauer
1830-42Auguste Comte
1832Carl von Clausewitz
1843Søren Kierkegaard
1848Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
1849Henry David Thoreau
1859Charles Darwin
1859John Stuart Mill
1862Herbert Spencer
1866Gregor Mendel
1868-69Leo Tolstoy
1873James Clerk Maxwell
1883-85Friedrich Nietzsche
1900Sigmund Freud
1908William James
1916Albert Einstein
1916Vilfredo Pareto
1921Carl Gustav Jung
1923Martin Buber
1925Franz Kafka
1934Karl Popper
1936John Maynard Keynes
1943Jean-Paul Sartre
1944Friedrich von Hayek
1948Simone de Beauvoir
1948/1961Norbert Wiener
1949George Orwell
1950G.I. Gurdjieff
1953Ludwig Wittgenstein
1957Noam Chomsky
1962/1970Thomas Kuhn
1963Betty Friedan
1966Mao Zedong
1971B.F. Skinner

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