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Santa's 8 Original Reindeer
Most Common Xmas Songs
...Batman smells, Robin layed an egg 
_____ with gasoline falalalala la la la la! 
Hapiness to the Earth 
We wont leave until we get some! 
Square root of 144 days 
Fat man coming to your city 
Season after Fall+Alice in WONDERLAND 
Shiny nosed deer dude 
The song involves bells and a solid that is very hard to break 
Spanish song 
Not the sandman, but..... 
Objects in the 12 Days of Christmas
Day 1 
Day 2 
Day 3 
Day 4 
Day 5 
Day 6 
Day 7 
Day 8 
Day 9 
Day 10 
Day 11 
Day 12 
The 3 Kings
Common Christmas Characters/Figures
Fat man 
Married to fat man 
Close relationship with deer 
Usually built in 3 sections/parts 
Kids draw these in the shape of a triangle 
Short people  
Run run as fast as you can! 
Usually seen as a baby 
These guys have halos 
You (hopefully) recieve these on xmas day 
The name of this is also a ballet 

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