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Can you name the playing techniques for bowed string instruments?

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DefinitionsPlaying techniques
a bouncing stroke played on broken chords
stroke that begins from a heavily weighted bow resting on the string
holding down a note while lightly touching another point on the string that is an integer divisor of its vibrational length
a bow stroke used in cantabile passages, which separates slurred notes slightly to articulate them without stopping the bow
hammered, accented effect
achieved by sounding the lower notes briefly and allowing them to ring while the bow plays the upper notes
alternative tunings
playing on two strings at the same time
controlled bouncing off the string
with mute
without mute
broad stroke with slight space between each note
pulsating effect achieved by rapid, slight changes in pitch
DefinitionsPlaying techniques
playing very near the fingerboard
lightly touching the string at a harmonic node while bowing
playing on three strings at the same time
bow bounces very slightly off the string of its own accord when played rapidly in the middle of the bow
repeated alternation of notes played on two or more strings, where one of the notes is usually an open string
strings are struck with the stick of the bow
'throwing' the bow on the string in the upper third of the bow on a down bow
bow moves back and forth in short, extremely rapid strokes
playing very near the bridge
bow rebounds on several notes in the same stroke
plucking the string with fingers rather than bowing
smooth stroke without any space between change of bow

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