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Can you name the Answers to these questions on Sabrina?

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What is the name of Aunt Buela's Halloween gift?
Who wears a Borscht belt?
What is the family secret?
What is Harvey's sister's name
What is Sabrina's dad's girlfriend's name?
Name one of Sabrina's roomates in college
Who is Katrina?
What is the name of Mr Kraft's ex-wife
What is Salem's mother allergic to?
What band does Sabrina get fake ID to see?
Who is a finder, an equaliser, a private eye and a leprechaun?
Who's owns the pet 'Newt'
Who is the black sheep on the Spellman family?
What holiday did Salem once destroy?
Who turns Jenny into a creepy crawly thing?
Who taught biology at high school?
Who taught maths at high school?
What book did Mr Kraft make the English class read?
Where does Vesta live?
Who was Sabrina's fiancee?
Who gives Sabrina her first star?
What is the Quizmaster scared of?
What is the Quizmaster's name
This was outlawed in the episode about voting day in the other realm?
Sabrina's pen-pal tried to steal?

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