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Can you name the Goon Boy Swag Lyrics?

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Rambo!Missing LyricsHints
Goooon Boy...This Right here is my ___
All the Girls Love it when i ___
Top Blown Off,No Roof on the___
I take my shirt off and girls think im ___
Swag,goon Boy___Goon Boy Swag
Girls On My ___Cuz the Goon Boy Swag
They all want a ___ Cuz the Goon Boy Swag
Goon ___ Swag (4x)
Girls Up On My ___Cuz a Goon Boy Swag
And they all wanna lick Cuz of ___
My Swaggers on ___
Lookin so ___
Look at all this ink up on my ___
____ Mine yall know whose the best
Im about to put all you ___ to rest
Gods on my side so u know im ___
Rambo!Missing LyricsHints
New Girls all the time so im never ___
Study for me like it was a ___
First thing on their mind is ____
If i dont give it,then theyll ____
Cup Full Of ___
Im sippin on ___
____ ____ All day
Kid dont rock no ___
No time for a ___
Cuz im always always in a new ___
I put em on my ___
And use em for___
The size of my ___ Is 1+8
This right here is my ___Goon Boy!
All the girls love it when i brag,top blown off,no roof on the ___
I take my shirt off,and girls think im ___!

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