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SymptomsMedical conditionTreatment
Pain on right side of abdomen, Nausea.appendectomy ( removal of appendix)
binge eating, self induced purgingnutritonal consult, psychotherapy
A change in bowel habits, discomfortlaparoscpy,radiation and chemotherapy
excessive weight loss, over dietingNutritional consult, CBT, therapy
pain in upper abdomen, bloating, nauseaLaparoscopic cholecystectomy, medication
urge to have bowel movement, constipationantibiotic, other drug therapy
abdominal pain, bloody diarrheaDrug therapy, hospitalization
lower right abdominal pain, diarrheaDrugs, nutrition supplements, surgery
mild flu like symptomslots of rest, medication to ease symptoms
Diarrhea which could lead to complicationnutrtional support
SymptomsMedical conditionTreatment
no symptoms in early stage then fatigueno therapies, make lifestyle changes
a general feeling of tiredness, or fatigueUrsodiol (Actigall) and symptom reliefs
pain in the upper abdomen and into backintravenous (IV) fluids, antibiotics, meds
itching, fatigue, jaundicemedication to relieve symptoms
pain in top middle abdomen, vomitingmedications for symptoms, high protein diet
Chronic watery and nonbloody diarrhea eliminating medications
weakness, fatigue, nauseaslow the progression, nutrition
jaundicesurgery, liver transplant, Kasai procedure
jaundice, Pruritus, growth problemincrease flow of bile to liver, promote growth
pain in lower abdomen, stomach sicknessantibiotics, liquid diet

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